Best Practices of the College

Parent–Teacher Association

The goal is to establish a linkage between the society and the institution. The college has wanted to get feedback from the parents of the students about the functioning of the institution and how to improve the academic process. The feedback received from the parents has been invaluable in framing departmental as well as college plans.

Parents are apprised of the performance of their wards namely, their attendance in the classes, percentage of marks obtained in the class test and Periodical Examination, their conduct etc. Parents are also informed about the existing facility (Academic, Administration & extra curricular activities) available in the college and to what extent these facilities are availed of by the students.

Parents also painted out the problem of their wards. The parents have suggested some measures for the improvements of their wards and for the betterment of the Depts. and the institutions:

  • To introduce value added education in the college like Communicative English, Compulsory computer learning etc.
  • To introduce career grooming and stress management.
  • To introduce PG courses in the college.
  • To pay attention to sports & games to attract the students.
  • To encourage group discussion.
  • To appoint more full time permanent teachers.
  • To arrange more counters for payments of fees by students.
  • To take measures for more facility in the Library.
  • To organize more class test.
  • To arrange for installation of water purifier with cooler.

The college has opened M.Sc. in Microbiology, Computer Science , Geography, Food & Nutrition and M.Com. with specialisation in Accounts, Finance & control and Marketing Management.

                                    The classes of Communicative English and compulsory computer learning have been arranged on optional basis by the college at a nominal fee with the assistance of the Institute of English, Kolkata & The Institute of Computer Engineers, Kolkata respectively.
                                    In an academic year two class tests are organised by the Dept. & two tests in the form of Periodical/Pre-test & Annual/Test Examinations by the college.

                                    Free coaching to students in sports & games like Football, Cricket, Athletics, Gym are imparted by the professional coaches and sports gears are supplied to the students. Players & Athlets took part in Inter-District Non-Govt. college competition & University level competition.

Water purifier (8 set) and Water purifier with coolers (5 sets) have been installed in two campuses of the college and two good canteens one in each campus for the students, and two canteens for teachers are run by the college.

                                    The college has established a placement cell which provides career grooming to the students and helps the students to find a job. The college has arranged campus interviews for the students with Cognizant Technology Solution, Indian Army (Office cadre), Wipro, Pharma Industry, ICICI (Prudential), Electro Steel, Heritage Institute of Technology and the success rate of placement is encouraging.

                                    For the benefit of the students, the college has been filling up the vacant post of the teachers by appointing them on substantative basis recommended by the College Service Commission, West Bengal. The college of its own created full time posts of teachers on contractual basis and appointed them on the recommendations of selection committee formed by the Governing Body of the college. 37 full time faculties on contructual basis have been appointed for the last 6 years. Retired teachers, teachers from Universitites/Institutes and companies are engaged on contructual basis to impart full fledged discourse on the subject or deal in a few selected topics. The college has also appointed teachers on class basis contract. The remuneration, salaries and allowances of these contractual (full time/class basis) are paid from the college office.

                                    As demanded by the students and their parents, the college has introduced open Access system in the Library. A student can enter into the library by depositing his/her Library Card and select a book of his choice. The book is borrowed by the student following the official procedure. The college has also introduced Departmental Libraries for the last 5 years. In an academic year the college grants few lakhs for purchase of books in the Departmental Library. Head of the Department with the help of Departmental teachers maintain the records of books lent and returned.

Evidence of      As per the suggestions of the parents, the college has taken some measures as far as prac-ticable and successes in some areas are noteworthy.

                                    The annual academic results are an index to success. The success rate is almost 100% for the last 5 years. The no. of students getting 1st classes has been appreciably increasing. Some of the students are rankholders in the Calcutta University Examination. A sizable students got admission in PG courses in different Universities/Institutions. The students have excelled in cultural competitions, Art and Handicraft exhibitions on Earn & Learn Project, Seminars and Play and in sports and games in Inter-district and Inter-college competition. Digital class rooms, PG Departments, Gymnasium, lush grees lawns, modern teaching-aids, Seminar Hall and spacious Science Laboratories add to the beauty of the campus.

 Intially not a good number of parents attended the meeting either due to their raluctance or due to not happening such meeting at the college level or due to psychological fear that the teachers & the Principal would complain about their wards.
Gradually the college took steps to apprise the parents about the usefulness as such meetings with the teachers & parents. Through the Parentss’ feedback the institutions has been able to establish a linkage with the society & locality and some of the recent decisions taken have been in conformity with society is demanded.

Academic Counselling
  • To help the students who are academincally weak
  • To provide guidance to academically good students for better performance.
  • To assist the students to attain academic targets for the current year.
  • To guide students for their future projects.  
  • Lack of enthusiasm

There is a tendency for some students not having enough enthusiasm to attend all the  lectures delivered for their other preoccupations.

  • Communication Gap

Some students feel that there is a communication gap between them and the teachers.

  • Class bunking

There is also a belief among some students that attending lectures would not significantly improve their classes of securing an assured future.

  • Poor economic students

Further, the poor economic conditions of some students are responsible for avoiding some classes.

                 Considering all these reasons, the teachers and the Principal in the meetings of Teachers Council & Academic Sub-committee have decided to introduce counseling classes (Academic) for the students.

                The practice of academic counseling has been continuing for the last couple of years. Counseling classes are allotted department wise in the master routine. 3-4 classes each of 45 minutes duration are being allotted in each department on a day. Students are accordingly informed when the teachers are available for counseling. Usually the counseling classes are held in the cubicles earmarked in the library for the purpose so that the teachers and the students can get the books & journals as & when required. Students feel free to understand the topics from a teacher of his choice taught by another teacher. In these classes students are also provided the guidance how to answer the questions. In the meetings of the Teachers’ Council and Academic Sub-committee, discussions are made on the progress & limitations of counseling classes.

                        Reports  from  various  departments  have  recovered  that almost 60% (on average) of the
                        students take the benefit of academic counselling. Apart from academic counseling, an association between the teachers & the students has been developed. The teachers also make personal counseling. This system of academic counseling has helped in the improvement of students performance

Research & Monitoring Cell


Proceedings of the Research and Development sub-committee held on 06.10.2012

  • To inculcate a research culture among the faculty and students.
  • To develop thinking and acquire research skill through Higher Education.
  • To train in designing a project, planning its execution, methodologies to be used.
  • To encourage faculty members to pursue M.Phil/Ph.D. programmes, undertake minor & major research projects and to organize workshop & seminars.
  • To facilitate the students to acquire knowledge of research.

           The NAAC Peer Team in its first visit of Accreditation in 2002 suggested the need for improving research activities in the college. It was in this context that Research & Monitoring cell was established by the Governing Body in the year 29.4.04 with a Senior Faculty Member as convenor and Principal as Chairman. The challenging issues that had to be addressed were –


  • Motivating the teachers & students to shoulder the additional work.
  • Providing  adequate time slots for the conduct of activities through the research & development cell.

                        Some action plans were drawn. It includes:

  • Involvement of more teachers in minor research projects in their areas of specialization.
  • Registration for M.Phil/Ph.D. programmes.
  • Conducting International / National / State / Regional level Workshops / Seminars / Conferences.
  • Publication of articles/paper in leading journals.
  • Undertaking collaborative Research Programmes.
  • Monitoring and reviewing the research activities periodically.

Since time factor is a constraint, teachers who have undertaken research activities are allowed to leave the college early for pursuing research projects.

                        This is indicated by the involvement of teachers

  • Increasing number of faculty members engaged in research projects.
  • Organisation of various types of Seminars, Conferences in the recent years in the college where both the students and teachers are the speakers.
  • Publication of paper.
  • Students are eager to participate in these programmes and enhance their skills & knowledge.
  • Students of different PG departments are working in the respective laboratories for their project work under the guidance of college faculty members.

The outcome of research programmes are as follows:

No. of Faculty engaged in MRP:
Not yet received
No. of Faculty engaged in completed MRP:      
No. of Faculty engaged in M.Phil:
No. of Faculty registered in Ph.D. :
No. of Seminars organized at the college:      
College level -
State / Regional level –
National level –

         Time constraint & multiple responsiblities
         Problem of writing & publishing papers because of more no. of  teaching hours for UG programmes.
          Identification and assistance for finance from funding agencies like UGC, Industries, Councils etc.

  • Genorisity of time and efforts by individual faculty members.
  • Constant & regular motivation by the Research & Monitoring cell towards enhancing teacher motivation & registration for research work.

Students Medical & Means Aid

  • To provide accidental benefits to the students.
  • To assist the financially weaker students.

                        Our college observed that some of the students have been facing accidents while they are coming to or leaving from the college. The accidents are caused by reckless driving of automobiles. Frequent occurrences of accidents in the neighbouring places of our college caused concern and teaching, non-teaching staff and the students decided to introduce ‘Students Medical Aid Fund’ on 5.1.05. Subsequently considering the acute financial weakness of the majority of the students our college has decided to use the ‘Students Medical Aid Fund’ to ‘Students Medical and Means Fund’ in a committee meeting dated 27.7.06. A committee was constituted with the following members: Principal, G.S., Students’ Union, Secretary, TC & Head Clerk.

  • Students Medical Aid Fund and Students Medical Aid & Means Fund was granted from the collection of the students @ Rs. 15/- per student per month.
  • A Bank A/c has been opened in SBI in the name of Students Medical Aid & Means Fund & operated jointly by Principal & President/A member of the Governing Body.
  • Medical assistance is provided to a student in case of accident.
  • Assistance is given in the form of admission to Hospital, tests like Pathology, Histopathology, Radiology, Microbiology, cost of medicine if possible, professional fees.
  • There is a maximum of Medical Aid of Rs. 5,000/- and a minimum of Rs. 500/-
  • The committee examines and recommends the claims placed before it.
  • The Students Medical & Means Fund is used in the ratio of 2:1 for medical & means purposes.
  • An assistance of Rs. 500/- at the maximum be given to the financially weak students of 2nd yr. & 3rd yr. as per recommendations of the committee (vide Resolution dated 27.7.06).

            This is reflected in the no. of beneficiaries.

    • An amount of Rs. 22,000/- was given to Sri Krishnendu Adhikary, a student of III yr. Hons. in History towards the cost of treatment from the general fund, and Rs. 5,000/- towards the cost of his treatment from Students Medical Aid Fund. Accident took place on 8.8.05.
    • A financial assistance of Rs. 4,000/- was to Miss Chandana Bapari, a student of 2nd yr. Honours in Geography towards cost of her treatment, 9.4.05.
    • A medical assistance of Rs. 500/- was given to Sri Dhiraj Pal, a student of 3rd yr. Hons. in Microbiology towards the cost of his treatment of injury on 8.12.05.
    • Eight applications from financially disadvantaged students are under process.
    • The students who have been injured due to accidents have been recovered.
Earn and Learn Programme
  • To honour the dignity of labour.
  • To employ the students in extra curricular activities and outreach programmes.
  • To provide financial assistance to the student against labour.

                        The college has different types of activities such as cleaning the campus and the class room, making the library dust free, plantations of saplings and trees, cleaning the library books and the Almirah, setting the stickers in the book and writing the names of books.
Students willing to work under the project are divided into several groups. Each group is assigned the work on a specified day of the work.

A wage of Rs. 15/- per hour is given to a student by such a project. A sum of Rs. …. has been spent till date for this project.

                        Earn and Learn Project has been introduced in our college since the end of the session 2003-04

  • Cleaning of the campuses.
  • Cleaning and arranging of Library books
  • Helping to carry books of Humanities Departments from one campus to another campus.
  • Undertaking survey on General Health, Education and Municipal Services in assistance with the Depts. of Economics, Geography and Sociology and the Barrackpore Municipality.
  • Making & displaying Handicrafts on exhibition-cum-sale under Earn & Learn Project.

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