Scholarship & Stipend

  1. Jayanta Chowdhury Memorial Scholarship — an annual scholarship of Rs. 2,000 (approx)
  2. ‘Maitri Sangha Janakalyan Ashram’—an annual scholarship of Rs. 2,000 (approx).
  3. Teachers’ council provides six stipends to the poor and meritorious students.
  4. Stipends are awarded to eligible students such  as Hindi Scholarship, National loan scholarship, National scholarship and stipend for the physically challenged etc.
  5. The Govt. of India also awards a few scholarships to students belonging to SC, ST and OBC.
  6. Nearly 10% of the students are given financial assistance from the students’ Aid Fund yearly. The selection is made on the basis of merit, financial status and attendance.
  7. Eight Stipends provided by our Alumni.
  8. State Govt. is providing scholarship for both UG & PG students who scored more than 75% & 55% respectively in the previous final examination.



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